About Me

 For me art is an emotional expression, transferring my most innermost thoughts to canvas is equally purifying and transforming.

There was a time when I had the need to fix everything. My childhood, which was mostly spent in foster homes, brought out my strong, deep seated self-motivation - the drive to become bigger than myself. The intuitive need during my adolescence to constantly search for love and recognition most of the time without a happy ending compelled me to fight for that love and recognition.

Art is and will always be the vehicle to express what I cannot formulate verbally. From my individual experiences, as well as events of social and political nature. There is a certain sublimity in my artwork, a way to get to know my own inner self, figuring out my own truth step by step; changing and transforming it in the process.

My loyal companion, melancholy, shows me the way always. She also shows me fear and laughter, my heartfelt awe, lust, and love for life… everything that comes with it and develops along the way.

My art, skills, and talent connect me to my wife. She shares my life and is supportive in any and every way imaginable. Her caring love combines with my deepest devotion and love for her; providing me with a sense of ease. It also enables me to recognize both of my sides; the dark one and the light one in my paintings. Paying equal attention to these can be thought-provoking and enjoyable at the same time.